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How To Choose The Right Coder For Your Packaging machine system?

Jun 15,2022 / in Blog / Top ten China packaging machine manufacturing companies

How To Choose The Right Coder For Your Packaging machine system

The exquisite packaging on the market attracts everyone's attention and stimulates consumers' desire to buy. Before the product is sold and put on the shelves, the manufacturer needs to select the coding machine to supply the product according to the supply demand standard and the market sales access demand.

Which is the right coding machine for your product packaging? The coding machine is generally used together with the packaging machine equipment. We need to select the appropriate coding machine in combination with the required packaging machine equipment.

For FMCG bagged products, use a vertical packaging machine for intermittent packaging. Generally, an ordinary ribbon coding machine can be used. By heating the pier, the characters are printed on the ribbon, and then printed on the ribbon. on the bag. The characters can be installed and replaced at any time as needed. When the ribbon is used up, it is only necessary to replace the ribbon. The operation is very simple and convenient. For production, low cost and high cost performance.

For the products of promotional activities, it may also be necessary to print different barcodes, product information and other information on the packaging, you can choose a thermal transfer printer. The thermal transfer printer can freely edit product information and barcodes as needed, and accept USB input. Thermal transfer coding, clear writing, no fading, and can be edited and printed in multiple languages. The use of thermal transfer coders brings a lot of convenience and flexibility to manufacturers.

For daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods need to be packaged with a pillow type machine. Generally, only the production date and the effective date of use need to be printed. The printed information is simple, and the ink wheel coding machine can be used. The ink wheel coding machine is simple and convenient to use. It only needs to replace the required characters, and the pier can be heated. After the ink is used up, it is only necessary to replace the ink wheel to quickly put into production. The cost is low, and it is very suitable for the sales of daily necessities and fast-moving consumer goods.

And for printing tin cans, smooth glass bottles, etc., you need to use a laser coding machine, which can edit the content freely.

The above are all common types of coders. The next part will introduce the functions and application scenarios of each code in detail.

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