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How to choose the powder packing machine

Jun 10,2022 / in Blog / Top ten China packaging machine manufacturing companies

How to choose the powder packing machine

 As we know, there are many all kind of powder packing machine in the market,such as semi-automatic and fully automatic powder packing machines. We will be confused which machine is really suitable for our powder packing.More importantly, As the beginner, which machine will be right machine to use and the cost is best. Here China Yashicun machinery will share some factors to you teach you how to choose the right machines.

        The powder screw filling device of the automatic powder packaging machine is an independent measuring and filling system. The device is driven by a high-precision stepper motor and filled with a screw. Within the measuring range of the machine, several different sizes of screws can be used to achieve different measuring ranges. The operation is simple,convenient and precise.

The automatic powder packaging machine has a wide range of applications and is a device that can improve the market demand. As we all know, whether it is the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry, many products are sold every day, so these sold products can be put on the shelves in a timely manner, which is a manifestation of meeting market demand, and these are the automatic powder packaging machines.

        Here are some important things for you to consider, when you choose the machine.

Pay more attention to the quality of the machine.

        The quality and durability of the automatic powder packaging machine are the basis for choosing the automatic powder packaging machine. Good quality equipment has a long service life and is easy to use. At the same price, equipment with a long service life not only provides great use value for enterprises, but also helps to reduce equipment replacement costs and increase enterprise income to a large extent. Good quality of automatic powder packaging machine will also reduce the loss of raw materials and save money for enterprises in many aspects.


Pay attention to after-sales service

        In life, regardless of the quality of the equipment available in the market, damage will inevitably occur after long-term use of the equipment, or the parts may be severely worn and need to be replaced. Automatic powder packaging machine manufacturers with good after-sales service will come to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment, which reduces the failure of the machine to a certain extent and improves its efficiency. Once a problem occurs, the automatic powder packaging machine manufacturer with good after-sales service can arrive at the site for maintenance in a short time or quickly. The purpose of this is to effectively prevent machine downtime due to various failures of the machine and such or other defects, thereby causing unnecessary losses to the manufacturer.


        China Yashicun Marchinery have engineers team with 15 years experience and after sale team online to serves with our customers , when they have any problems on our machines. So they are satisfied with our machine quality and after sale serves.

Focus on cost performance

        Different automatic powder packaging machines have different functions. When selecting, the corresponding model should be selected according to the actual processing requirements. When choosing goods, try to choose products with good quality, good quality and affordable price.

        If you have any questions on the powder packing machine, feel free to contact us. Our sales manager will support you to choose the right machine.Here is the link of our machine videos.

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