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Common Troubleshooting for Premade Pouch Packaging Machines

Jan 18,2024 / in Blog / Top ten China packaging machine manufacturing companies

Premade pouch packaging machines are essential in the modern packaging industry, but various issues can arise during operation. Understanding and mastering the troubleshooting methods for these issues is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the machinery and to enhance production efficiency. Here are some common troubleshooting methods for premade pouch packaging machines:


1. **Poor Seal Quality of Mould**


   This common issue first requires a check to ensure that the temperature has reached the necessary level for sealing the packaging film. If the temperature is appropriate, then check if the mould pressure is sufficient. If there are no issues with temperature and pressure, the problem might be due to misaligned mould teeth or uneven pressure on different sides. Regular checking and maintenance of the mould are recommended to ensure proper alignment and uniform pressure.


2. **Photoelectric Issues**


   When the packaging film is moving, make sure that the photoelectric sensor accurately scans the marks on the film. First, check for any dust accumulation on the photoelectric eye and whether its sensitivity is correctly adjusted. Next, inspect the packaging film for any colors or patterns that might interfere with the sensor's ability to recognize the marks. If any are found, locate a spot on the film without these interferences. If no such spot is available, you might need to replace the packaging film.


3. **Temperature Not Rising**


   Initially, check whether the fuse is blown, then examine if there are any damages to the electrical components. Conduct a circuit test with a multimeter to accurately diagnose the issue. Regular inspection and replacement of vulnerable electrical parts can prevent such problems.


4. **Uncontrollable Temperature**


   This issue is generally due to a malfunction in the temperature control table or the relay. Start by testing the relay, as relays are more frequently damaged in such cases. If the relay is functioning properly, check whether the temperature control table needs replacing.


5. **Incorrect or Failed Material Feeding**


   This might be due to an issue with the feeding system of the packaging machine. First, check for any blockage or foreign objects in the feeding system, ensuring that the mechanical parts are clean and well-lubricated. Next, verify if the feeding motor and control system are operating correctly and make adjustments or replacements as necessary.


These are the common troubleshooting methods for premade pouch packaging machines. Regular maintenance and checks are key to preventing these issues. Ensuring that all operators are familiar with these basic troubleshooting methods can significantly reduce machine downtime and enhance production efficiency. Additionally, it's advisable to have regular professional maintenance and inspections of the packaging machine to ensure its long-term and stable operation.

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